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So why choose cloth and why Smarty Pants? 17/02/2009

deluxe Smarty Pants

I love cloth…..I love cloth!!

For me cloth nappies are a way of life, it is great for the environment, great for saving money and just so exciting! MCN (modern cloth nappies) are easy to use, slim like a disposable and ever so gentle on our delicate baby’s bottoms.

On average you will spend $2500 a year on disposable nappies, filling your bin and emptying your bank account. Your initial outlay for MCN’s may be significant but over time the savings are huge and if you have more then 1 baby in cloth you will save heaps!

So why Smarty Pants?

Smarty Pants are designed and sewn individually by me. I have created a pocket nappy that is slim line, functional, affordable, and ever so funky. My nappies are a fashion statement. Each nappy is made waterproof with either external PUL or hidden PUL. They are lined with absorbant and anti bacterial bamboo. Against the baby’s bottom is ever so soft microfleece which wicks the wetness away from baby’s bottom keeping them dry and soft.

After lots of testing and personal experience I have found that the nappy will last about 3-4 hrs between changes for a light wetter or 2-3 for a heavier wetter. The beauty of the pocket nappy is that you can add more absorbancy as needed.

For my liners I use bamboo, and depending on how you choose to fold, you will get upto 6 layers of bamboo. I love bamboo as it is extremely absorbant, breathable and odour resistant (unlike hemp). It has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties which is ideal for the wet conditions of a nappy. Bamboo is a thermal product, similar to wool keeping baby cool when hot and warm when cold!

For more information, including costs and materials available please contact me



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