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Laundering Smarty Pants Nappies 17/02/2009


Laundering cloth nappies is one of the main reasons why parents choose to go down the disposable path. This need not be the case! The ease of washing MCN’s will surprise you and before time it will be a task you no longer notice. And if you are like me you will get a buzz out of seeing your beautiful MCN’s swinging around the Hills Hoist!

So how do you wash MCN’s?

It’s truely so very simple. Plop solids into the toilet and place the worn nappy into a nappy bin, you don’t need to soak the nappies at all, it’s called dry pail.

When it comes time for washing spray excess solids off, using something such as a little squirt, (stay tuned my husband is in the process of making these to sell!), remove the liners from the pocket and redo the velcro (this will prolong the velcro life). Pop into the washing machine with a small amount of detergent and hang out to dry. You don’t need to use any other products such as Napi San or vinegar, these actually ruin the PUL. As for removing stains  the best thing you can do is to hang the nappies in full sunshine, it is amazing how the sun removes poo!


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